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2-4 med. squash  1/4 to 1/2 c. Cassava Flour 1/4 to 1/2 c. Almond Flour (leave out for AIP & use just Cassava Flour) sea salt to taste 1/2 tsp. to 1 tsp.  1/4 c. Avocado Oil or Fat of Choice add more as needed

Paleo Fried Squash

AIP Friendly, Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten Free Oh, how I miss Southern Fried Squash! Growing up in the South means pretty much everything was fried! My family always had a garden & Southern Fried Squash was one of my favorites! It reminds me of my childhood! My Dad, in his 80’s now, still has a …

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AIP Paleo Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs are delicious, perfect for entertaining and grilling out! www.thehealthnutmama.com

Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

AIP, Paleo, Whole 30 Friendly, Gluten Free, Soy Free Oh how I love summer! I love Grilling! The two go hand in hand. And these Hawaiian Chicken Kebobs are made for both! Of course, if it’s winter or you don’t have a grill, this indoor grill is great!  What I love most is that it’s …

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How do you eat breakfast without toast or cereal? www.thehealthnutmama.com

How do you eat breakfast without toast or cereal?

“What do you eat for breakfast?”   How do you eat breakfast without toast or cereal? Before going AIP, I was basic paleo for about 6 months, so I could still have eggs.  I learned very quickly that I needed to incorporate veggies into my morning routine.  It was especially important that I do so …

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Cleaning out the Pantry! When I went AIP, this is how I cleaned out my old pantry & got ready for AIP! - www.thehealthnutmama.com

Cleaning out the Pantry When starting Paleo AIP

Once I decided to go AIP, (that was the hardest part, I think). Read here why & how I decided to go Paleo & AIP.  I had to get rid of all the foods that caused inflammation. I hate throwing away anything that someone could possibly use. Especially food. But once I made up my …

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How did I go Paleo AIP? One of the best decisions I ever made with my health. I have put all 3 autoimmune diseases in remission following this protocol. #aip #paleo #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #thyroid #hypothyroid #rhuematoidarthritis #sjrogrens #diet #thehealthnutmama

How did I go Paleo AIP?

One of the questions I get all the time is, “How did you go Paleo AIP?”   “I don’t know if I could do it,  I can’t give up my bread!” Well, my answer is this, “Yes, it is hard but sooo worth it.”  It was overwhelming in the beginning. (yes, I melted into tears …

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