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Learn How to Freeze Squash 3 ways for long term storage so that you can preserve all that wonderful squash to use for Frying or to use in Soups, Stews & Casseroles. Easy Step by Step Instructions. #squash #freezingsquash #longtermstorage #preservingfood #preservingsquash #yellowsquash #summersquash #zucchini #thehealthnutmama

How to Freeze Squash

I wanted to share How to Freeze Squash for long term storage so that you can preserve all that wonderful summer squash that is so abundant this season. One of the first vegetables I learned to put up for long term storage when I started preserving food was yellow squash. I decided to 1st to …

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How to Freeze Okra

If you have been reading my posts you know that I have been preserving a ton of okra from my Dad’s organic garden. I have cooked it, canned it, fermented it, frozen it whole & frozen it for frying.  Okra has so many health benefits from controlling blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, preventing constipation, preventing & …

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How to Can Okra

I am very blessed to have a dad who has an organic garden. This year he outdid himself. We have had so many Green Beans, Squash, Tomatoes, Okra etc… I have been trying to preserve it all by freezing, canning & fermenting. Right now, the okra is really keeping me busy.  So I researched several …

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Pan Fried Okra with Bacon

Oh My Gosh, how I miss Southern fried okra. As you all know my dad’s garden has been coming in and he has a ton of okra! I have fermented okra, frozen okra, canned okra… Somehow saying that makes me think of the movie Forrest Gump! LOL My daughter loves okra too (maybe more than …

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